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"The metalcore band from Essex have that classic sound, with barked out vocals mixed in with melodic singing, they don't sound as formulaic as other bands of the genre..."


- metaldevastationradio.com

Cold in July is a Metalcore band from Essex, formed in 2017. Founded by vocalist Will Stanley and guitarist Harvey Aslett, the lineup has had multiple changes since it began but has carried the same underlining message of social justice. 

Comprising of vocalist Will Stanley, guitarist Harvey Aslett, bassist Ben Arrowsmith and drummer Connor Woon, the band has released an EP as well as a number of singles. 

Their debut EP - ‘Event Horizon’ - released in April 2018 was a successful milestone for the band, and opened the doors to a number of gigs in London, as well as their first UK Tour. 

“The EP has opened up our eyes to recording process” Will says “it has giving us a number of innovative ideas for new music and new techniques to get the best sound.”

Cold in July has played a vast number of gigs and venues including Romford's Cameo with BEHIND BLUE EYES, as well as partaking in a battle of the bands contest in which came second to a fantastic A STORY AT THREE.

Cold in July's fiery stage presence has long been known and commented on most prominently when performing at 'The Unicorn' in Camden, UK. "The metalcore band from Essex have that classic sound, with barked out vocals mixed in with melodic singing, they don't sound as formulaic as other bands of the genre. Plenty of great riffs and breakdowns; the guitarist and vocalist are often off stage mingling with the audience. With their passion and effort they hopefully have a good future ahead!" - metaldevastationradio.com


Will Stanley


From an early age he devoted himself to music and finally in 2013 found his passion for singing. As an expression of self he has taught himself and learnt from many around him, the art of vocal techniques such as; Screaming (primal voice) and extending range to make Cold in July a innovative metal band. Fusing the dissonant metal sound with melodic and emotive singing, drives the front mans passion for music. 


Connor Woon


From learning the instrument back in 2010 as a random hobby, Connor's passion for music didn't begin until late 2011, when he was introduced to the art-form that is live performance.

Connor is the newest addition to Cold in July, having joined at the very beginning of 2018, and had jumped right in on helping the band finish their debut EP, Event Horizon. which was released a few short months upon arrival.

Connor has many different musical influences ranging from all sorts of genres, but the ones that stand out from any other are Jerod Boyd from Miss May I and Alex Shelnutt from A Day to Remember.


Harvey Aslett


Harvey has always been interested in heavy music, listening to the likes of Slipknot and System of a Down when he barely knew how to walk.

Harvey was one of the founding members of Cold in July, joining at the band's inception in 2015. He originally started as the band's bassist but became lead guitarist mid-2017.

Harvey's main musical influences include guitarists such as Jake Bowen of Periphery and Acle Kahney of Tesseract, who have inspired his combination of heavy riffs with soft ambient melodies to help broaden the band's sound.


Ben Arrowsmith


Ben's love for heavy music stemmed from a young age but after playing guitar for a few years, he found a passion for bass when discovering a lack of available bassists in the local music scene. He started to temp for Cold in July in April 2017, and became a permanent member a few months later.

With influences such as Nolly Getgood, Jordan Eberhardt and Arif Mirabdolbaghi, Ben takes a strong interest in progressive metal and uses this to drive his use of innovative techniques such as 'tapping' and 'slap' and pop.

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